With the surprisingly unnecessary success of “Not Overwatch,” I thought I would tackle it again but this time for a game that’s a bit more obvious with a less defensive fanbase.
Needless to say, this game has the second best Subspace Emissary that I’ve ever played! WAY better than Brawl!!

In case anyone is wondering, this game is actually called Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL.

I need to get better games.

~Music Used~
Smash 4 Opening:
Paper Mario (Title Theme):
Adventure Map (SSE):
Waiting Room:
Bramble Blast:
Kill La Kill (Outro):
Space Armada:
Victory Road:
Ship Deck 2:
The Cave:
Gritzy Desert:
Yoshi’s Island:
Shy Guy’s Toybox:
LoZ Theme:
Sector 1:
Moon Prism Power Make Up:
Climb Up and Get the Last Chance:
Trophy Gallery:
Meta Knight’s Revenge:
The Dark World:
Super Sonic Racing:
Giga Bowser:
Mario 64 Credits:

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