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Have you ever wondered if the noises your fridge makes are normal?

Here are the four noises that its absolutely fine for your fridge to make:

Number one – humming or buzzing.
This sound comes from the compressor. It’s essentially a pump, and its pumping refrigerant around your fridge as a normal part of the cooling process. This refrigerant is constantly changing from a gas into a liquid and back again as it moves around the fridge.

Number two – gurgling.
Which is why we hear normal sound

number two; gurgling.
Again all a normal part of the cooling process. Especially if your fridge is brand new. If you have a new fridge the humming and the gurgling may be louder than you are used to, give the compressor a few months to ’settle in’.
However, if your compressor is particularly noisy it may be down to your fridge not being correctly leveled.

Number three – A whirring fan.
This is caused by an evaporator fan blowing cold air into the
freezer compartment. We can’t show it to you because you can’t see it, on almost all fridges it’s tucked away inside, but it’s a perfectly normal noise.

Number four – cracks and bangs.
Although these feel like noises any appliance shouldn’t make, they are also perfectly normal.
Modern fridge freezers are ’auto-defrost’ which means a heater inside warms the evaporation coils during the defrost cycle. This defrosted ice can crack and bang as the ice melts.

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