Grave Encounters 2: Demonic Cut – Trailer | * NOW AVAILABLE IN “SDN Editions” *


* Delete unnecessary minutes from the beginning (The party, the plot is now fluid).
* Nonsense jokes (the fart scene, etc) were removed.
* Some reactions of the characters were cut off (not always the protagonists must be violent).
* Removed some visible continuity errors.
* The ending was changed, eliminated the typical cliché of “kill her, so you will save yourself”, now the girl’s fate is mysterious.

Alex Wright is a young man who is investigating the strange events that were seen in the first film. One day he receives a mysterious video from someone named “DeathAwaits666”. In it you can see how Sean Rogerson is still alive, but remains trapped in the Collingwood mental hospital. Now, they must be smarter and smarter than Rogerson and his friends were, they must do what they can to get answers and get out of the hospital.

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