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Was the universe made for life? In other words, were physical laws and constants of nature somehow chosen to allow for complex life?

Over the last century, physicists and cosmologists made a series of disturbing discoveries: cosmic coincidences. They found that parameters of nature and physical law seen specially crafted to make life possible. What are the implications?

Are we just very lucky? Was the universe designed for us. Or, might it imply the existence of other unseen universes. In this episode we review the latest data and theories to find answers to these questions.

Beginning: 00:00
Episode start: 00:25
First Clues: 01:56
A Perfect Balance: 04:03
Monkeying with Physics: 09:15
Cosmic Coincidences: 17:30
Chemistry and Life: 19:09
The King of the Elements: 20:26
A Desert Universe: 21:38
Particle Physics and Life: 24:39
A World of Electrons: 25:30
A Starless Universe: 27:39
A Universe without Atoms: 30:50
Ghosts to the Rescue: 32:14
Fundamental Forces and Life: 37:37
Electromagnetism and the “Greatest Damn Mystery in Physics”: 38:10
Gravity and the Lives and Deaths of Stars: 40:30
The Weak Nuclear Force and the Biggest Explosions: 44:46
The Strong Nuclear Force and Sticky Nucleons: 49:06
Cosmology and Life: 52:26
Infinitely Intelligent Babies and Spacetime Dimensionality: 53:05
Dark Matter and the Cosmic Web: 56:09
Universal Homogeneity and Unwelcome Stars: 59:42
The Cosmological Constant and Einstein’s Greatest Blunder: 01:03:05
How Lucky were We?: 01:11:59
The Right Particles: 01:13:00
Balanced Forces: 01:15:00
Precise Initial Conditions: 01:17:14
Between Order and Chaos: 01:19:32
Counting our Luck: 01:21:24
The Finest Tuning: 01:25:30
Why the Universe is Made for Life: 01:29:29
Coincidence: 01:30:37
Providence: 01:35:00
Multiverse: 01:40:00
The Anthropic Principle: 01:45:10
Solving the Fine-Tuning Mystery: 01:47:06
Is there one Universe, not Designed for Life?: 01:48:35
Is there one Universe, Designed for Life?: 01:51:45
Is there not one Universe?: 01:52:52
Final Thoughts: 01:55:16

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