Path of Exile 3.12 – Bamalalala – Specialized Acupuncture Witch

Another unnecessary ~150 ex invested (not needed, see budget version below).

Charcater is lvl 99 now. This is the final step before getting a crafted Bow for single target weapon swaps or an Explodey Bow. Build is now at ~80% of its full theoretical power. I also switched from Pierce to a Chain Quiver + Anomalous Fork on my “Clear-Clone”. Phantasms were dropped entirely.

… and we are still using Quill Rain! 😀

A friendly reminder that this damage is without Offering (~10% more), Animate Guardian (~25% more), Frenzy & Power Charges (~40% more), without Precision ( ~7-8% ) or a crafted bow (~25-30% more). Socket starvation is the main limiting factor of this build. Alot of sacrifices had to be made. Let’s see if POE2 makes the socket situation better or worse.

► Full Uber Elder:
► Full Sirus:
► Full T17 Splinter Farm:

► Current PoB:

Explantions: I am using Divergent Vitality, Discipline & Clarity. Since there are no “On Full Mana” and “On Full ES”- Options for Minions, I have set Vitality to 50% Quality to simulate the effects of all 3 together.

Config is set to -24 Fire & Lightning Res. Divergent Purity of Fire works in PoB but Lightning doesn’t. So I added them both as – Res. ( They are both Divergent!). 4% base pen + ~150% aura effect = ~12% pen. -10% Res seems to be equal to 12% Pen in my Build.

Another -4% come from Anomalous Predator Support.

The final -10% are from Elemental Army from Mirror Arrow on Single Target Gem Swap. They are applying both! Exposures. Only the highest Exposure of any given Element will count but you can have multiple Exposures on a target if they are from different Elements. Since Wrath has a high range on its damage rolls you will get Clones that low- or highroll their lightning damage. That means some Mirror Arrow Clones will deal higher fire damage while others deal higher lightning damage. With ~11 APS per clone your are 100% guaranteed to apply both Exposures pretty much instant.

(I added a crafted bow example in the PoB)
► Medium Budget from the previous vid: (40-60ex, mostly spent on A. Gems)

The much much cheaper version of last video works just fine (set Vitality to Divergent).

I just gained extra 500k dps per clone for ~150ex in the high budget version. If you compare the time to kill bosses between both versions its very similiar!

Most of the higher budget was used to min/max defense some more and to squeeze in QoL such as Blessed Rebirth on a Megalomaniac. You don’t need that if you don’t plan to run T19 100% 2x/3x Beyond Delirium Maps. The Clones have 80% damage reduction and 88% all-res. Vitality does wonders for them! However if you find a Megalomaniac like mine, you can also use Divergent Discipline. Don’t use it without Blessed Rebirth. The clones don’t regenerate/recover their ES (bugged I suppose).

The only change I’d recommend is to invest in a Chain Corrupt Quiver like Soulstrike (4-6ex atm) and use Anomalous Fork for clear, maybe Soulstrike with Pointblank for single target. Elder Frenzy Quiver is fine too. The Anomalous Fork version seems to destroy packs much cleaner than Awakened Fork, atleast in regular content. The latter has its uses though in very tightly packed 100% Delirium maps with a few hundred mobs on the screen.

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