5 Easy ways I save money every month

In today’s video I’m sharing five small, simple ways you can save money every month. If you enjoy money saving content, please give this video a thumbs up to let me know! What are some of the easiest ways you save money consistently? Leave a comment and let me know 👀 Does intentional living + frugal living interests you? If so please subscribe, and thank you for watching!

A few high-interest savings accounts:
Ally Bank – 0.80 Annual % Yield: https://www.ally.com/bank/online-savings-account/
Vio Bank – 0.83 Annual % Yield: https://www.viobank.com/online-savings-account
Varo – 0.81% Annual % Yield: https://bit.ly/3iChFuP

💰 My favorite free apps to save money + earn rewards:
FETCH: https://bit.ly/30EVrRe CODE: MDQDQ to get $2 in points
IBOTTA: https://bit.ly/2CZV37y
💰 Get a free stock through the free Robinhood App: https://bit.ly/39whJbV

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