How to Create Disassembly or Explosion View of 3D Objects in Java 3D_1 (with Source Code)

This video explains how to move color cubes away from the center like explosion.

Source code described in this video:

Source code described in “How to Move 3D Models (like Cars) in Java 3D” [Shorter Version]:

To create the Java 3D program ( used in part of the video, I used the following code:

1) Part of code from included in the source bundle
that accompanies Sun Microsystems’ Java 3D API Tutorial
Copyright (c) 1996-2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Copy of the above tutorial:

Free 3D modelers I used for the program:

1) “MetasequoiaLE R2.4a”
2) “Art of Illusion”

Image files I used:

1) Cube textures
downloaded from “ぱくたそ” (
License terms (

2) Cube textures
downloaded from (
License terms (

Thank you for watching my videos, and I appreciate the people who have posted wonderful free software, images, and Java 3D tutorials that allowed me to make this video.

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