20/20 Hindsight – Paper catches on fire from a dryer during a sheet break.

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Paper catches on fire from a dryer during a sheet break.

20/20 Hindsight utilizes patented technology to record digital video, allowing industrial customers to see and solve production issues. Learn more about our high speed video products and Monitoring Technology Corporation by visiting our website listed above.

With todays fast moving equipment, it is often difficult to troubleshoot the cause of intermittent failures. Issues from incoming materials, temperature and humidity variations, improper machine setups, equipment wear and vibration can cause a stoppage at any time. The likelihood of watching the problem location at the exact right instant in time is nearly zero.

Hindsight was developed as a tool to continuously record operations, allowing replay of process upsets in slow motion. With Hindsight, you can point a camera at a suspected problem area and walk away. After the next stoppage, scroll though the video and play the event in slow motion. After one or two stoppages, you will understand the root cause and can prevent future issues.

Improve process efficiency, worker training on machine operation, production speed and quality with Hindsight. Hindsight takes the mystery and guesswork out of machine troubleshooting.

* Increase line speed by eliminating unnecessary dwell times
* Increase line efficiency by pin-pointing the root cause of jams
* Decrease change-over time and improve startup efficiency
* Enhance training and documentation by using video clips
* Provide an operator-friendly tool that everyone will use

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