How To Recognize A Supernova Play

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Would you recognize a supernova play if you saw one? Would you know how to trade it? If your answer is no to either of those questions, this is the video for you. Watch and learn how you can spot this explosive pattern!

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So, today I wanna go into more detail on a play that I absolutely nailed…

Most of the time, I trade cautiously. So it’s rare for me to take an aggressive position. But for this particular play, I went a little bit more aggressive. And it paid off for me.

I also wanna go over how you can learn to spot plays just like this. In this market, it’s possible for more supernovas to come around.

But it’s August, so even in this active market — I’d trade more conservatively a majority of the time. Because based on history, August is typically the slowest trading month of the year…

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t make an effort NOW to learn the supernova pattern. Nobody knows when the next one will happen … Wouldn’t you rather be ready when the time comes?

And you have to remember that trading is extremely introspective. Your success doesn’t depend on the market. The market will roll on and do its thing regardless of how you trade.

What matters? How you trade and how much you put into this business. And it affects you and you ONLY.

Being ready for these plays is a smart move to make. The plays will either be there or not.

But in order for you to prepare for when they are there, you have to be aware of the necessary indicators and catalysts.

So I’ll go into more detail here about what those are for supernovas. Pay attention!

Comment below and let me know what you think about supernovas … Would you be comfortable trading them?

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