Glock Over Lubrication Causes Failure. Confirmed. Test 2

Can you over lubricate a Glock to failure? My believe is that if you can’t then you aren’t trying hard enough. Classic myth of Glock over lubrication is put to the test! Does the oil cause the primer to fail? Will excess lube cause light primer strikes? Mythbusting at it’s finest. This is where we test the hypothesis that you CAN over lubricate a Glock brand Glock.The idea is that if you constantly over lube your Glock then carbon will collect in this extra lubrication and create a thick crud that will eventually cause your firing pin to cease to function correctly. This is the ultimate Glock function test and is a perfect example of Glock 17 torture. We test the ammo primers to failure and scientifically observe the results. Is the myth Confirmed? Or Busted! Gun Mythbusters! The title of this video is: Glock Over Lubrication Causes Failure?. Myth Confirmed? test. Thank you for watching. On the mattv2099 Youtube channel We do Glock Torture Tests and function tests. Make sure you check back frequently to see the latest epic glock 17 video!

The Glock function test is an operation where we subject the legendary Glock to unusual circumstances and observe how the Glock performs. Sometimes we test products or lubricants. Other times we test the Glock without important parts or with unnecessary parts added! Wrong ammunition? Parts from other glocks or guns? We even attempt to bust myths! Stopping short of exploding our gun! I primarily use a Glock 17 in my tests. Sometimes a Glock 19, Glock 23, Glock 22 or Glock 20 is featured. The glock 17 has been featured in over 50 test videos in the last two years. Going string, the only part I have replaced is the recoil spring! However, I believe that the fire control group will be the next replacement.

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I tested the failed ammo in a normally lubed glock! There are two videos about it on my second channel! check them out here:

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