A Specter From The Past – FFVII Remake Focused Cut #02

Welcome to episode 2 of our Final Fantasy VII Remake playthrough Focused Cut series, where we leave all story elements and the most important traversal and battles intact to ensure coherency. We cut out everything unnecessary for understanding the events in this playthrough, but retain certain cool or funny moments and of course retain the analysis!

This time, we exit the reactor through the rubble caused by the explosion, just to see its aftermath in the streets of sector 8 of Midgar. Soon after, a specter from the past believed dead appears in front of our eyes! Luckily, we meet a nice flower peddler down the street, lifting our spirits a bit. However, out of the blue, ghostly shadows appear and prematurely end this heartwarming meeting, starting Cloud’s thrilling escape from Shinra.

Enjoy and have fun!

Video editor: Rimavelle

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