Draymond Green AGAIN calls out Kevin Durant [TRUTH ABOUT THE BEEF]

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Draymond Green went on Uninterrupted with Maverick Carter and called out Kevin Durant for the drama that surrounded Golden State last season. Green said that KD should have announced his intentions before the season started. He was making a comparison to the 1998 Bulls knowing that it was Phil Jackson’s last season. Draymond says the team was asked all season about Durant’s impending free agency and it created an unnecessary headache. This video breaks down why that tension could have created the explosion between Durant and Green in the middle of last season and why Draymond is wrong to call out durant again.

Kevin Durant left the Warriors for Brooklyn via a sign and trade last summer and it ended a 12 month period of speculation about the Finals MVP’s future. Durant had signed a series of 1+1 contracts with Golden State to retain leverage and control over his future. That move is a sign of the player empowerment era the NBA is in right now but the waves that situation created shows the downside player mobility can have. Green and Durant exploded at one another during a regular season game against the Clippers last season and that was the final straw for Durant.

KD explained to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson that he isolated himself after that infamous incident and Green went on his own media platform and gave his retort. The Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green beef is one of the spiciest in the league right now and even without games – it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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