Don’t go to college, there is no point!!🎓

College and the whole government education system is outdated. Globally. Its dead.

See information is a commodity and the whole education system we have is built on memorisation of information.

The internet made it outdated.

cause today all information literally at your fingertip’s.

“But you need a degree to fall back” on they say Oh yeah? so do you keep a horse at home incase the car doesnt work?? Ludicrous. (Gary V)

Hearing this from Gary V made me think of a great speech i’d heard on the radio

It was a chef speaking about how people interested in the profession, should take the proper necessary steps to becoming a proper masterchef

And one thing stuck out to me

She actually warned people NOT to go to college/uni, said it was totally unnecessary. 🎓

Her point was “WHY would you need to go to college or uni and read shyte in a book in a lecture hall to become a chef

“When all you need to do is be guided by a master chef in a reputable restaurant and work your way up”

And she had a really great point;

You don’t learn to be a chef by reading recipe books. You learn by being under the direction of a Masterchef constantly honing your craft

I thought it quite profound

Since in fitness, there’s been an explosion of courses taught IN colleges & university type yokes

And people believe so strongly, even though it’s completely UNFOUNDED that having a degree in something like “leisure studies:

Will somehow improve their chances of becoming a personal trainer, mean they are “better” or, get hired faster
(it won’t by the way)

It’s a phucking joke

Not only is it a total unnecessary waste of money and energy, not to mention the worst possible course of action I could imagine (in my humble but correct opinion)

But WHY …..would you waste 3 maybe even 4 years of your life, in college studying books, on “leisure management” and never set foot In a gym once?

And craziest of all of this approach is the MASSIVE student debt you incur which hangs around your neck for years later.

When you can learn ACTUAL personal training in a live gym doing it everyday under the guidance of a mastercoach who’s spent years learning honing and perfecting his craft

I mean what if you did the college course and after 3 years (and about 12k I might add)

you go into a gym only to find you HATE it…

that could happen. As the reality of working as a PT is very different from reading about it in books 📚

There’s no doubt some hairy palmed kid living in his ma’s basement will argue with me on this point

But hey, I’m too busy training up the next group of fitness professionals (who start in just over 4 weeks) to care

Anyway the whole point of the matter is that degrees and college aren’t something to fall back on. The greatest companies in the world like amazon google for example are no longer requiring degrees anyway?

So what are you falling back on?

See sometimes it’s the pressure of judgment we feel about what we (or our kids) are accomplishing that drives the advice that’s given, and the course taken

A testament to the absolute Bullshytery that’s sold to young people today

Here’s what I know

Listen learning fitness and starting from the bottom ain’t comfortable.

Learning how to coach and perfect technique, write programs and the whole psychology of coaching and behavioural change isn’t comfortable.

But not half as uncomfortable as having to accept the fact you’ve just wasted 4 years only to find your sports Degree doesn’t produce the outcome you wanted 🤔

‘cause you still aren’t prepared for the day-to-day work of training real people .

Or you went in that direction cause you were pressured to, when really it wasn’t making you happy.

There is another choice.

One that will provide the knowledge tools skills and abilities employers look for in future coaches that they would love to employ.

One that gives you an edge over every other conceivable option out there cause you’re put in to scearios you have to coach your way out of every single day.

One that will mean you leave feeling like a confident Trainer ready to take teh next steps.

one that involves learning the practical application of coaching in a real live gym so you can train people to get them real world results exactly like what we do at Elite

If this is what youre really after then the first step is to Download details straight to your device today with this link==

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