German Military War Cemetery Ysselsteyn – A place that shuts you down.. – More than 31.598 Graves


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Hello everyone!

This video is a little different than usual..

We visited the German War Cemetery in Ysselsteyn ( Netherlands )

It’s the biggest, and also the only German War cemetery in the Netherlands with over 31.598 graves!

Most of the Graves are from German soldiers who were killed in WW2, but there are also 87 graves from WW1.

The weather was bad, and it was a really sad sighting..

What happened is horrible, and we must never forget.. but we are all human.. we have to remember, only then we can learn from it.

This video is not made to honor Nazi’s, but this video is made to show what war does.

Not all German soldiers were bad, a lot of them had no choice, these are facts.

We are here to remember the good and innocent, because believe me, they were there..

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