Avyakt Murli 23.11.1979 – Receiving affection and support through…to Madhuban residents

Receiving affection and support through armor of humility – to Madhuban residents.

Essence of Avyakt Murli

🌹 Follow the Father such that….

….you have an unlimited stage of consciousness

….you possess and become an embodiment of all unlimited virtues

….every word in your speech is unlimited

….there is unlimited renunciation, tapasya and service in your sanskars

🌹 Make preparations for the explosion of a powerful “bomb” such that the entire surroundings are transformed and the vibrations are spread throughout the whole world.

🌹 Change the words from “it should be like that” to “I must be the one who does this!” and “I will do it” and show everyone.

🌹 Follow Brahma Baba at every step…

….don’t look at others because if you wait to see what others are doing then you will get left behind

….don’t listen to or hear things about others or carelessness will develop

….don’t see the mistakes of others nor be colored by their company

….eliminate wasteful words, actions or company that erodes both your time and power

….become a saint if others are insulting you; garland those who are defaming you

….pour the water of love if there is the fire of conflict with someone

….use humility which is your armor and there will automatically be love and co-operation

….don’t expect others to change their sanskars; remain beyond their influence

….don’t get involved in waste discussion; become knowledge full and avoid any conflict

….only see specialities in others when in contact with others and when contact is unnecessary only see Baba

….constantly stay within the guidelines of the Brahmin code of conduct and disciplines

….remain the observer, detached like a lotus

🌹 Continue to move forward and help others as well; the time for correcting others through speech and thoughts has passed…now the season of pure thoughts and good wishes has arrived.

🌹 Always remember that you are all Alladin’s lamps, who in a second, reveal the home (the soul world) and the kingdom (the golden age) whilst bestowing mukti and jeevanmukti!

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