Mecha legs Reviewed Crossout

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New faction parts
Today we are again giving you the parts of a new fraction from the last test and adding to them a new radar “Verifier”, new wheels “Tough” and the long-awaited mechanical legs “Bigram”.

There are also some changes:

The “Blockchain” plasma torch

Drone “Annihilator”

In order for the drone to start attacking the enemy, it is necessary to aim and press the drone start button again.
Now the drone attacks only the enemy that is in the special scope area and stops attacking it 1 second after you stop aiming at it.
If your opponent is hiding behind an obstacle, the drone also stops attacking it 1 second after you stop aiming at it.
We are waiting for your feedback on the updated mechanics of the drone “Annihilator”! Would you like to see something similar for all other drones?

Item upgrade rework
During the test, all owners of already upgraded parts will be able to check how their parts can change with the update. We remind you of the main points of how the already improved parts will be transferred to the new system:

If the old bonus is included in the new upgrade system, it will be saved without any bonus increase. Additional random bonuses from other groups will be added to it. The number of additional bonuses depends on the number of upgrade groups for each part.
If the old upgrade is not included in the new list of possible bonuses, all new bonuses will be randomly selected.
If you want to upgrade this part again, you will need to use two more of the same parts as usual.
ATTENTION: if you had multiple same upgraded parts (with the same bonus), then, after the update, they will receive the same additional perks.
Here’s a concrete example. Suppose you have the GL-55 Impulse with increased blast damage enhancement. Well, then:

Your Impulse will still have a bonus for explosive damage of the same magnitude.
This bonus will be added with two more random bonuses from the other two groups.
If you had multiple Impulses with the same damage bonus, then all of them will receive the same additional bonuses.
If, however, your Impulse has had an improvement, for example, for the decrease of the recoil (which we plan to remove), the grenade launcher will receive three new random bonuses.

Explosive damage and radars
As a result of two tests, we decided to stop at the first option:

Now the radars don’t absorb the damage from the explosion of the shell hitting them.
When hit, the projectile deals some damage to the radar, flies through it, and the explosion and blast damage passes through the nearest parts to the radar, following the path of the projectile’s flight.
The explosion occurs either after contact with a structural part or, if there are no structural parts on the projectile’s flight path, the last radar in the projectile’s path.
The unique features of the weapon are still triggered by contact with the radars. That is, the very fact of hitting an armoured vehicle is counted (when, for example, only the radar is in the path of the projectile flight and there are no other parts behind it).
Exploding shells of the Phoenix crossbow are still attached to the radar if they are hit by it. And the same radar is the epicenter of the explosion.
Developer comment: Both variants (both updated mechanics and limit) solve the problem of radar armor, but the introduction of the limit can lead to the fact that many crafts simply can not go into battle until there is only one radar left on the car. Updated mechanics eliminates the need to remove unnecessary parts, acts like the already familiar mechanics of the interaction of explosive shells and decor, and does not introduce additional restrictions in build mode.

Balance tweaks

For this test, we fixed all the bugs related to the acceleration of cars that may have been observed during the previous tests. Let us remind you that the only modification of the hover in the nearest update is a 14% drop in altitude of cars with hovers.


Now, with several installed Aegis-Prime shields, the duration of the shield is reduced by 30% for each other shield that is currently being recharged:

You have 3 Aegis-Prime installed and all three are ready for activation.
The first shield activated will work for 4 seconds and then begin recharging.
If you activate the next shield while the first one is recharging, its duration will be reduced by 30%.
If you activate the third shield while the first two are recharging, its duration will be reduced by 60%.

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