Live Wire

Golden Globe-nominee Pierce Brosnan (“The Matador,” “Die Another Day”) stars as the FBI’s top bomb expert, assigned to discover how terrorists are murdering United States senators in the white-knuckle thriller Live Wire. While trying to solve the string of violent political killings, Danny O’Neill must cope with a personal life almost as explosive as his work — when he discovers his wife is having an affair with one of the senators he is sworn to protect. Now, will O’Neill discover how bombs are detonating without leaving any trace of explosives — before the terrorists cripple the government of the United States? Also starring Lisa Eilbacher (“Beverly Hills Cop,” “An Officer and a Gentlemen”), Ben Cross (“Chariots of Fire,” “Exorcist: The Beginning”) and Emmy Award-nominee Ron Silver (“Ali,” TV’s “The West Wing”). MPAA Rating: R Copyright © 1992 New Line Productions, Inc.

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