✅ Sarah Lancashire drama The Accident leaves viewers in shock over harrowing domestic abuse scene

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✍  Warning: Content below may be triggering.   The Accident has left viewers in shock over its harrowing domestic abuse scene.  Sarah Lancashire stars in the new Channel 4 drama as the hairdresser Penny, and is seen beaten to the ground by her husband, Iwan Bevan (Mark Lewis Jones).  The couple are coming to terms with the fact their 15-year-old daughter, Leona (Jade Croot) was involved in an explosion, which claimed the lives of a number of children.  But while they try and work out what happened to the group of teenagers, things got a whole lot darker.  Taking to Twitter fans at home expressed their views on the show and how they were shocked at the brutal scenes.  ‘Wow that’s one f**ked up relationship!’ one wrote while another added: ‘Is she normal? I’d kick him to the kerb.’        Someone else commented: ‘I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. What the actually F**K was that?! Turning off permanently. Totally unnecessary violence, abuse, and she hugged him? Not watching again.’  Others ap …

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