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These are some benefits of making library copies. Explosion box in a form of library copy turned out to be a effective method of generating creativity.

1. Improves focus and attention to detail. Developing note-taking skills and making summaries engages a student, requiring them to focus and increase their attention to detail, and as we all know, the devil is in the detail!

2. Promotes active learning. By taking effective methods students are actively involved in the learning process thus giving it a purpose and increasing productivity.

3. Boosts comprehension and retention. A proven method of increasing memory retention, making library copies can also increase comprehension by breaking down the content for a student to consume knowledge.

4. Teaches prioritizing skills. Often overlooked in its importance, it is essential for a student to be able to select important material and discard unnecessary content. This further adds to their organizational and creativity skills.

5. Extends attention span.

6. Improves organization skills. By prioritizing content and organizing effectively, a student develops key organization strengths. As teachers are well aware, organization is key!

7. Increases creativity. Equipped with the ability to organize their ideas effectively, focus on a particular subject and expand on ideas through knowledge retention, students can use their own initiative increasing creativity and innovation.

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