How to Install a Joe Cell

This is a basic overview of a working Joe Cell using a purely blind fitting. For complete instructions go to:

No significant electrical current is fed to the cell during operation.

Because of the blind fitting, any gases that are in the Joe Cell are able to leak out into the atmosphere safely.

Joe found that If a Joe Cell experiences air pressure changes, it can change the alignment of the water molecules and change the resulting output energy. Venting a Joe Cell straight to the atmosphere prevents the water from ever being under pressure so the water alignment can be maintained. Correct water molecule alignment is one of the only keys to making a Joe Cell work. This has been overlooked by the community.

More information about this is discussed in Joe Cell Secrets eBook:


Interestingly, whether the cell is vented into your engine or not, it works the same way. Having the cell physically disconnected from your engine has been proven to work more consistently.

It is the protons, which are actually hydrogen ions, and sub-atomic particles, which actually travel into your engine.

Also, it is far more dangerous and unnecessary to vent a hydrogen cell into your air intake with no flash back protector, if it isn’t necessary. It is not necessary on a Joe Cell.

Immediately upon bolting this cell onto my vehicle, using specially prepared water, and first applying a sequence of voltages, along with a permanent fixed voltage to enable the cell, the engine was strongly effected.

Gas mileage test results were 46.6 miles per gallon (hwy). Normally the vehicle gets 36 mpg, no matter what the conditions are, on the highway.

For a cell that isn’t working properly gas mileage will only go up by 2 to 4 mpg.

When certain conditions are met, a cell will work properly and gas mileage goes up to the maximum limit depending on the vehicle computer.

On my particular car, the computer limits the maximum fuel injector pulse width to allow for no more than 46.6 mpg. Your car may get more or less depending on the computer calibration. Not all vehicles will respond the same way.

Adding a Joe Cell speeds up the burning rate of the fuel, and also tricks the computer into thinking it’s running rich, so it will reduce the fuel injector pulse width. It also appears that the EFI computer advances the timing automatically after putting a cell on the engine. The Cell makes the engine run with slightly more vacuum, which increases the MAP sensor reading, which tells the engine there is less load on it, and the ECU advances the timing accordingly. So you have two effects. Advanced timing, and reduced fuel, which work together to give you a large boost in gas mileage. On an older car without electronic fuel injection you’ll need to manually advance the timing and adjust the carburetor, within safe limits, to help your gas mileage.

On an EFI car, you may see your “check engine” light come on. This is harmless, and actually a good indicator that the cell is working.

Please check out my website below and get yourself a copy of Joe Cell Secrets. I really recommend the eBook because it contains information about every study that has ever been done on Joe Cells. It also has a step by step guide on how to make this exact cell, how to prepare the “charged” water, and how to maintain the charge when installed on the vehicle.

As always thanks for all the kind feedback! It is much appreciated! Sorry about the focus issues, I had my camera setup wrong!

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