High Voltage Electrolysis

For plans on how to build this EXACT circuit, you can get the “Radiant Charger” eBook here. This is my personal website, and I have some plans available for instant download.

Updated 02/17/2017

Cold current hydrogen using my solid state charger.

It took over 70 circuit tests to get this particular one.


This is one of the closer Stanley Meyer replications I’ve seen. The reason is, the frequency is automatically matched perfectly, and is continuously variable. No adjustments are needed. Nothing is adjustable. When the water changes, the frequency changes. When the impurities in the water go up, the frequency goes down. When the impurities in the water go down, the circuit speeds up. When the temperature of the water changes, the frequency changes. It is fully automatic. This is all done without computers or charging choke coils which are both completely unnecessary for the basic Stanley Meyer hydrogen high voltage electrolysis.

Round tubes would be better, however, this is just an experiment to show the basic principles.

I am using a “pump” charging circuit with a blocking diode and voltage is going towards infinity, just as described by Stanley Meyer. The maximum voltage doesn’t go to infinity, because there is resistance in the water, and because maximum voltage is limited by the number of windings on the primary inductor (charging coil).

This is a different method of doing the same thing that Stanley Meyer invented. You do NOT need charging chokes with this circuit, they would reduce charging.

For more power, what you do is add more charging coils, parallel to each other. Basically, you duplicate this circuit, and wind as many coils as you want on the same core. You hook up each coil of wire as its own circuit, and then you run all of them together to the water fuel cell or battery, and you get more cold boiling hydrogen from tap water or extremely fast “cold current” battery charging.

This is a solid state device, with no adjustments or moving parts. For plans go to www.ritalie.com

Update: The conditioning of the plates makes a tremendous difference in the HHO output. If your plates are conditioned, the cell impedence drops, voltage goes up, frequency goes up, and gas output goes up. I was wrong when I said that “conditioning doesn’t matter” because it is really all about conditioning. Conditioning is one of the most important parts about this process. The proper conditioning only occurs when you use cold current, high voltage without electrolyte (static electricity pulses).

Circuit diagrams, eBooks and parts available here: http://www.ritalie.com/store

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