[SC] Qadim the Peerless | 3:43 Kill / 8:17 Left | Druid

In which I continuously neglect Nico with healing and might. 😔

Druid stuff:
We started this record with Seraph druid with Superior Rune of the Aristocracy. It was do-able for sure healing + might-wise and 4k higher than harrier druid (6-7k average-ish), but we were having some issues with damage causing anomaly and orb to sync up (which causes an insta down-state explosion as the anomaly grabs the orb). So I ended up just becoming a heal / might / cc bot to lower the damage and avoid that.

Dropped Storm spirit for Glyph of Equality for faster pylon cc plus we had vuln enough. The build up is iffy, but not worth when Equality makes the cc so much faster.

Stone (Prot) is very unnecessary when you’re Harrier Druid on this fight as it’s relatively low pressure when people don’t eat the ground shark and or lightning.

I also kind of abused Natural Convergence a lot for stability so I didn’t have to dodge. 😏👌


Dps log: https://dps.report/kIiZ-20190907-225828_qpeer

Music: TeZATalks – Had

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