Etrian Odyssey 5 – Reblossom Blade Dancers vs Star Devourer (Advanced)

Something I did out of whim.

Turn 2, you can see that Union Skills killing the parts don’t stop SD from trying the Full Burst, which leads to wasted turn. I threw Paralysis just for added safety measure but that’s largely unnecessary. If I had Explosion, this would build Black Blade but I didn’t.

Turn 3 is a mistake – I forgot that Layered Bloom would outspeed Vast Flourish. That being said, you can see that Blade Dancer lived through that hit with Guard Order and Stifling Miasma, and that’s without HP investment.

With a ton of free turns, I probably could have dropped Goreblade and used Bravants, but whatever.

For better binding, I would drop Impulse Arrow’s Rain of Ruin and grab Failnaught for Alluring Body. I thought about using Binding Force instead of Chain Blast as well, but that’s for another time. I probably want Alluring Body for that for sure.

I can probably make this into 5 turns or use Earthlain on one for better reliability on Turn 1 (but it’s already pretty good and I could further increase LUC if I wanted to) but whatever.

BGM: All rights to ATLUS.
Stratum 6 Empyreal Bridge – Etrian Odyssey V Original Soundtrack
Unrest ~Twilight of All Life~ – Etrian Odyssey Nexus Soundtrack

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