MIni Warriors – Spend 1.2 billion of gold update Achilles, Morgana. Holy article updates.

MIni Warriors – Spend 1.2 billion of gold update Achilles, Morgana

Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Here you can find answers to questions like how to buy a cannon, monkey king,
how to become a club T-member, how to open properly a glory chest box in order to gain more crystals and how to develop a strong army.
You can also learn the correct ways to open goblets so that you can get 4 star heroes like marco polo, morgan le fay, king richard, napoleon, constantine.
Also in my channel you can see what I routinely do while playing. Even you can see how to play Mini Warriors on a Windows 7 machine
using a Bluestacks emulator.
Every two weeks I open over 1000 items from warehouse – chests glory chests, wooden, golden and mysterious one. Also after opening I sell
unnecessary equipment.

On special events I use charging orb and refill energy fast – these are events with double gold.
When have enough items in my videos you will se how to update in academy Militia, Blessing of war, Ninja, Explosion, Giants or of course Mist and Great Dragon.

In Baraks I spend most of the peaceful time here I update my units add active and passive skills and Equipment and Holly Article.
Training 12 hours is the best for fast heroes experience increase. When needed I use 1000 crystals for Skin change.

Doolan, Loren, Perdita are my castles which gives me gold.
All clips have been shortened to fit in 2,3,5 or most 7 minutes. Good music has been chosen as a background in order to increase your good gaming experience.

Mini Warriors is top strategy rpg game and it is available for android, kindle, ios and Windows(if you use Bluestacks emulator.)

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