The Problems With TheMysteriousMr.Enter: The Cartoon Community Finale

Note: This is it, my final video about The Mysterious Mr. Enter. Depending on how the fan reaction is to this video I may make a “comment response,” but I don’t plan on mentioning him much after this. Keep in mind I don’t hate enter, and I don’t hate his video, but I do think that they are poorly done (most of them anyway). I am moving on to some other cartoon creators like Stuff with Scout Fly and possibly Phantom Strider, but for now I don’t have plans to make anything else about Enter. The trilogy of videos is complete, I’ll like the other two videos about this topic in the description below. I do however have some more animation-centric content coming soon, such as “The Problems With Anime” and a christmas movie review, I won’t say which movie it is YET, especially because I still have yet to find a good copy, but I’m sure that in time I’ll find one.




Short Video Description:

Over the course of my channel, the two most popular videos that I have ever made (not that they’re very popular in the first place) are both about the Cartoon Community, and in both videos I primarily focused on a rather polarizing figure on the platform, one you have likely heard of many times before if you are watching this video. The Mysterious Mr. Enter is an animation reviewer with a sizeable channel of 250,000 subscribers, as of the time this script is being written, and over the years he has been creating videos, he has both received lots of praise and arguably even more criticism in regards to his content, with the criticism becoming so great that it has become a huge bandwagon at this point, and Enter felt the need to make a video responding to it, which I and a few other creators responded too as well. And despite what you may think from the title and my track record discussing this CREATURE, I do not intend to further the bandwagon in any way during this video or create lots of unnecessary hate towards Enter.

In my previous 2 videos in this cartoon community trilogy of sorts, I think I failed to really give Enter a fair chance and was blinded by both the small explosion in popularity that my channel was receiving at the time, and because of the number of other creators like Mars Reviews making videos calling him out on poor practices, making very sub-par videos, etc. But today I am going to do my best to essentially analyze Enter’s content, take a look at the major criticisms made against him, and finally decide for myself whether or not the hate he received is very warranted. Keep in mind this is all my opinion, you don’t have to agree or disagree, frankly I don’t care if the sheer mention of me critiquing enter makes your ass sweat and the vein in your forehead burst. So without further ado, let’s get on with this analysis. On Mr. Enter. I have nothing to say where is the transition ca-

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Channel Update/Note: I appreciate all the support lately, even though my channel is basically dying right now I still can’t thank you enough for all of the support. This will likely be my last video for November, at the most there will be one more in a little over a week, but after that I’m moving onto christmas season. There will be 2 christmas themed videos, one called “The Problems With Christmas” and one movie review of a holiday special, it’s looking to be a good video based on the script and the start of editing.

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