The Worst Things Cersei Lannister Has Ever Done

Over the course of eight seasons of Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister managed to get on the bad side of just about every other person in Westeros. From complicated schemes to straight up ordering someone to kill their own dog, here are the worst things she ever did. And if you’re not caught up with this show, be warned: Spoilers ahead!

To the bitter end, Cersei proved herself a master in spectacular feats of totally unnecessary sadism.

Way back in season 1, Cersei established herself as the cruelest in the Seven Kingdoms: Remember when Cersei’s son Prince Joffrey Baratheon gets into a sword fight with Arya Stark, which prompts Arya’s pet direwolf Nymeria to chomp on his arm?

Needless to say, Cersei isn’t too thrilled about this. Realizing life could get pretty bad for Nymeria, Arya sends her away to live in the woods. Solid plan…but unfortunately, things don’t work out quite so well for Sansa Stark’s pet wolf, Lady.

Since she can’t take revenge on Nymeria, Cersei demands that Lady is killed in her place, And Ned insists on doing the deed himself.

Most of the terrible things Cersei’s done can be seen as protecting her family, consolidating her power, or getting payback. But ordering the execution of a child’s pet because of something another’s child’s pet did? That’s just beyond the pale.

It might be tempting to blame Joffrey’s villainy on Cersei’s parenting style, which could charitably be described as “indulgent.” But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest Joffrey’s violent tendencies simply run in the family. Keep watching the rest of the video to see more of the worst things Cersei Lannister has ever done!

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Lady killer | 0:16
Like mother, like son | 1:06
An explosive temper | 1:42
The kiss of death | 2:41
Royal Complications | 3:44

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