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Coffee Turrets Projectiles and Explosions is a full package built to handle Turrets, Projectiles, Explosions and Weapons of all types to jump start your new game.

Coffee TPE Features

– FPS Player Controlled Character with Weapon Swapping

– Carrying multiple weapons and Item Pickup.

– MouseLook Camera with controls to have the Mouse locked or freely available.

– Turrets and Player Equippable Weapons utilizing Range Scan, Hit Scan, Line of Sight, Grenades, Grenade Launchers, Homing Missles and standard physics based Mortar projectile targeting.

– Splash Damage with variable radius and damage.

– Individual Damage Types and Defense Types with damage calculations.

– Splash Damage with Line of Sight Checks (Bomberman Type Explosions)

– Unit Spawner Examples with simple Unit Movement

– Sample Sounds for Explosions, Idle Building Sounds and Firing Sounds.

– Sample Models and Meshes for Buildings, Trees, Rocks, Mountains, Units, Terrains and Turrets

– Examples for Pooled Units, Projectiles and Explosions to ensure no unnecessary garbage collection in order to improve your game’s performance.

Coffee TPE is designed to save you time and give you the framework necessary to build any Sci-Fi, FPS, Tower Defense, Quake Like or Turret based game with ease. By covering all kinds of different turrets, you can quickly jump start into building the fun parts of your game and showing it off.

Coffee TPE comes with a full User Guide, custom Editor Scripts and Prefab Templates to help you quickly create your own Turrets or Weapons.

The Coffee TPE system is designed to be easily used and implemented into any system serialization method including JSON, Protobuf or Binary Serialization. The classes can be easily modified and extended to support the functionality of your game.

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