ESO – Stamina Templar Rotation – Elsweyr PTS 5.0.0

This is a video showcasing an absolutely exhilarating Stamina Templar rotation. This video shows footage on PTS, which means things are subject to change before the Elsweyr patch is released on the live servers.

Firstly something to make clear: I have made the decision to use the Lava Foot Soup & Saltrice food for all of my Stamina setups. Yes, it means I’m running around with 12-13k HP on the dummy, however, the important thing here is to simulate raid sustain. In my raids, I usually have at least 2 sources of Sentinel of Rkugamz, which is a huge source of Stamina regen; otherwise absent when I test. I am also missing a number of Synergies that would be available in my raid, which means I do not benefit from the Undaunted Command passive in the same way. The stamina drain in most fights can be way higher with no issues compared to what you see here. Gear-wise, I am using Velidreth and Perfected Relequen / Lokkestiiz, which looks to be the best bet.

Combat Metrics Parse from Video (86.5k) —
Build as seen in Video —

Before I discuss the Stamplar-specific details, let me highlight the important changes which lead me to suggest this rotation. From PTS 5.0.0 notes:
– Puncturing Strikes: Reduced the channel time for this ability and its morphs from to 1 seconds from 1.1 seconds. Praise the sun for whole numbers!
– Radial Sweep: Increased the radius of this ability and its morphs to 8 meters from 6 meters.
– Empowering Sweep (morph): Redesigned this morph to offer damage, rather than survivability. The damage pulse after the initial hit now lasts 6 seconds at base, but is increased by 2 seconds for each enemy hit, up to a maximum of 6 enemies. It also now grants Empower for the duration, rather than Major Protection.
– Power of the Light: Adjusted the ability rank up for this morph so it no longer gains damage on the initial hit, but instead increases the duration of Minor Fracture and Breach applied, since that is the focus of the morph. This will result in approximately a 3% damage loss on the initial hit, but the duration of the Minor Fracture and Breach will last 9 seconds, up from 6 seconds at their final rank.

The Jabs change doesn’t really impact the rotation that much – it’s been strong for a while. The Empowering Sweep change is pretty nice. At base, it does roughly the same damage as Ballista, accounting for the Empower bonus. When there are more enemies around, the ultimate will probably become really strong. Imagine using this ultimate on the vHOF triplets, or even in trash fights. The most important is the Power of the Light (POTL) change. Up until now, the explosion damage of POTL is bugged and often does 0 damage in trial content. This is a DPS loss of around 3-4k in pure Single Target fights. A fair assumption I have made is that Templar Healers will still exist in groups, and with the Minor Fracture/Breach debuff now lasting 9 seconds, it is easy to keep up. For this reason, I have completely omitted POTL from my Stamplar setup.

— Rotation

Refresh Rending Slashes and Rearming Trap as soon as possible after they have run out. Use Empowering Sweep relatively early on in the backbar rotation, to try and get the best chance from the Burning Light procs. You won’t be getting them otherwise when not jabbing. Otherwise fill the time by using Jabs. Simple as that.

Some little things I do to hopefully make a slightly better yet complex rotation, is that I refresh Rending Slashes/Trap early into my backbar rotation to improve their uptime. You can see an example of this at 0:30. Before, my Rending Slashes uptime on Stamplar was around 65-75%. With this little change, you can hope to achieve 90%+.

I basically fill up ‘unneeded’ barslots with Fighters Guild abilities. I have 6 Fighters Guild abilities slotted. The only necessary ones are Trap and Dawnbreaker on the front bar. If extra sustain and/or survivability is needed, then Restoring Focus can be slotted on the backbar. Shards are a handy option to also have on the backbar for that extra bit of utility and sustain.

At this point, there are probably a few questions – Why no Whirling Blades? Why no Shards in rotation? Why no POTL in rotation?
Whirling blades isn’t good for a few reasons. It is expensive. The ability in itself does pretty good damage in execute when I use it, however then I also lose my source of Burning Light procs, which means I need to also slot Shards and use those to get the Burning Light procs instead. I also probably need to slot Restoring Focus for the extra sustain. Not worth it. Using Shards in rotation is an outright DPS loss – clearer to see with the Raid Dummy. POTL actually does good DPS, but as mentioned earlier, it’s busted and healers have a much easier time to keep it up now with the change so it is unnecessary.

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