MW3 Game Clip – Michael Bay’s Triple Kill

Michael Bay’s take on the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer experience. Obligatory unnecessary explosions included!

Just imagine this is being done with a ‘roided up frat boy yelling “MICHAEL BAAAAYYYYY!” though the whole thing. Or “AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!” or something like that. That’s pretty much what runs through my head when I’m on an adrenaline and caffeine fueled rampage with my “Let’s Start a RIOT!” class

Map: Bootleg.
Weapon: Universal Machine Pistol .45 Sub Machine Gun (UMP)
Attachments: Rapid Fire, Extended Magazine
Perks: ALL (Specialist Killstreak Maxed)
– Slight of Hand Pro, Hardline Pro, Steady Aim Pro
– Specialist Killstreaks (Quick Draw Pro, Stalker Pro, Scavenger Pro, All Perk Bonuses)
Final Score: 35-7 (5:1 KDR)

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